Still grilling meals on that old gas grill and having to deal with flare-ups and constant worry about the food that is on the grill? It's time to take outdoor grilling to the next level. Grill hamburgers, pork loin, or even a pizza! With a Traeger grill, you have the option of slow-cooking your food at a temperature around 180 degrees or grilling hamburgers at around 450 degrees. With the Traeger, you have it all!

Traeger Grills are fueled by wood-pellets with no open flame. No more flare-ups, grease fires, or burnt meals! With a Traeger grill, you'll no longer have to keep an eye on your food to ensure that it turns out like it should. All you need to do is turn the grill on and put it the correct setting that correlates to the meal that you are preparing and let it go to work.

Simplicity is what makes the grill so great! The average Traeger user can prepare a meal that impresses the crowds by adding smoke-flavoring that other grills lack.

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