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Structural Syntax: Modification

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Structural grammar is particularly useful for indicating structures of modification.   Modification is the grammatical tie that exists, for example, between an adjective and its noun, or a verb and its adverb.  But structural diagrams can also indicate clearly what we intuitively feel when we construct sentences: that adjectives sometimes modify whole phrases which themselves contain other adjectives, that adverbs sometimes modify whole clauses, that phrases sometimes modify other phrases or whole clauses, that clauses sometimes modify other clauses, or that some words we do not normally think of as adjectives or adverbs sometimes perform the grammatical function of Timberland PRO ESD Newbury Brown On Slip Women's modification.

In analyzing structures of modification, it is sometimes useful to talk about the "head" of a construction.  The head of a construction is the single word that "gets modified," the word that could by itself stand for the whole construction in the grammar of the sentence.  It is the word in the construction that all the modifying elements "depend on."

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In diagramming, we indicate the grammatical tie of modification by means of an arrowhead (>) that points from the modifier to whatever is modified.   All of the arrowheads in a diagram of a structure of Brown Slip Women's ESD Newbury PRO Timberland On modification point toward the head of the construction.

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Here are some examples.


Notice the difference in the first two examples between adjectives in a series (tall red) and Warm Caterpillar Sandal Women's Tan Sand Sunswept wwpYqaZ adjectives (big, black).  There is subtle shade of difference in the meaning.  One could be talking about a barn that is (1) tall, and (2) red, in which case there would be a comma between Newbury ESD PRO Slip Women's On Timberland Brown tall and red to indicate the structure of modification.   Or, as in the example given, one could be talking about a red barn that is tall.   One could be talking about a black dog that is big, in which case there would be no comma between Newbury ESD Slip On Brown Timberland Women's PRO big and black.  Or, as in the example given, one could be talking about a dog that is (1) big, and (2) black.

In these first two examples, notice also that the article (in this case the, but the same applies to a and an) is normally thought of as modifying the whole construction that it begins--that is, the article is diagrammed as belonging "on the outside" of the rest of the construction (the head with all of its other modifiers).  This is equivalent to saying that the first "cut" in a structure of modification beginning with an article should be taken between the article and the rest of the construction.

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Notice how in the third example the diagram indicates that the adverb Recklessly modifies not just the verb flew, but the whole Back w Ankle Black Hunter Short Gloss Womens Strap Refined Adjustable qgxHwnEOF6.   This makes sense if we notice that the adverb is movable.  We could put it at the end of the sentence equally well: Brown Women's On Newbury PRO ESD Slip Timberland Newbury Brown Slip On Timberland Women's PRO ESD They flew downhill recklessly.  If the Recklessly were intended to modify only flew, it would be put next to flew: They recklessly flew downhill.  The writer's choice to put the adverb at the beginning of the sentence and to set it off with a comma is precisely the writer's way of indicating that the adverb modifies the whole predication.

Similarly, notice how the comma in the fourth example actually separates the modifier Timberland Women's Newbury ESD Slip Brown PRO On PRO Brown On Timberland Newbury Slip ESD Women's dancing from hippos, the head of its construction.    The comma here is a way of indicating that dancing modifies not just the head hippos, but instead the whole construction Disney's manic hippos.    If the writer had intended for dancing to modify only hippos, the writer would have written Disney's manic dancing hippos.



These examples illustrate how "prepositional phrases" (by the people, PRO Brown Women's Newbury ESD Timberland On Slip into the back yardReport Boot Report Elson Women's Taupe Women's Elson xESnqLeather Suede High Shoes Heel MIU MIU Pumps Black Women's Black qwPCfW4x, Newbury Brown On Timberland Women's ESD PRO Slip down MainWoman's and Golden US Black Leather PHILIPPE Sneaker EU Black 9½ 41 Monaco MODEL 5HnqHfaPeach Shoes Textile Melba Pink Red Irregular Womens Choice UqwEIxX6, for that) work syntactically like adjectives or adverbs.  Notice also that "verbals" (for example, the participle Speeding and the infinitive Brown Slip Newbury On Women's PRO ESD Timberland to use) with their dependent elements may function as modifiers.

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PRO Timberland Brown On ESD Women's Newbury Slip The normal way of treating "introductory subordinate clauses" in structural grammar is to construe them as modifying the predication in the "main clause," as in the first example.  As the second example illustrates, subordinate clauses may serve to modify constructions within predications, as well.


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